Left Wing, Right Wing, People, and Power

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This is a rare work of political theory that stands out for its conversational style and readability. Its persuasion relies on easy to follow arguments and logical conclusion in order to repaint the intractable modern political landscape as a vast misunderstanding of what is important in politics.IndependentBookReview.com

This thought-provoking examination of US political history argues that conflicts over power — rather than irreconcilable ideologies — are at the core of today’s partisan system. – BookBub

Left Wing, Right Wing, People, and Power is an essential read for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of the political spectrum. It clarifies the true ideologies behind commonly supported political labels and warns of the risks associated with extremist movements. Giles’ work is a valuable educational tool that could greatly benefit American school curriculums, equipping students with a comprehensive knowledge of political ideologies and their historical contexts.Literary Titan

Left Wing, Right Wing is a well-researched and thoughtful guide through the ideological rift that has dominated the political spectrum for centuries. After laying out the evolving political theories of the past, Giles deftly probes the modern left/right-wing factions vying for power in the United States and elsewhere. He exposes the perceived misconceptions about the left and the right and is evenhanded in his criticism. Giles’ book excels in approaching a contentious topic and deconstructing it for his reading audience in a concise manner. – Reedsy

What is politics and why is it so contentious?

Avoiding partisan diatribe, Left Wing, Right Wing, People, and Power traces the historical development of the left wing and the right wing to reveal that the core of politics is the conflict over power. Despite specific differences of time and place, political actions are consistently efforts to preserve or change the structure and dynamics of power. With this insight, we can better understand political positions and actions.

Written in an accessible style, this book will inform readers regardless of where they see themselves on the political spectrum. With clear but nuanced definitions of political ideologies and movements, the author shows how politics is people seeking to express and expand their power in the social space around them. Thus, the clash of the left and right wings is not about grand ideologies but instead is about power relations and the flow of power among people.

This is my sixth full-length book. I write to make the world a better place by changing the social conversation. That’s why I am a philosopher. That’s why I wrote Left Wing, Right Wing, People, and Power. Please join the conversation.

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